AquaSource Organic Super Berry Power C - 60 Caps

Get antioxidant benefits plus more in this nutrient rich berry combination

Help boost your immune system all year round with this rich source of Vitamin C and other antioxidants in our nutrient-rich berry combination that has EU and BDA Organic certification.

Great care is taken so that the berries are picked and freeze-dried at the time of maximum nutritional value. In addition, as an all-natural product, maximum assimilation of nutrients by the body is an added benefit.

AquaSource Organic Super Berry Power C is one of the best natural immune system supplements on the market.

Ideal for those with busy lifestyles and those following strenuous exercise routines. Also excellent for vegans and vegetarians.

52,00 лв.

AquaSource Organic Vitamin D - 60 Caps

Natural support for bones, muscles, teeth and immunity

AquaSource combines Organic Vitamin D with Red Algae. Together they help to support bone health, strong teeth, improved immunity, and muscle function.

As opposed to synthetic sources, our AquaSource Organic Vitamin D helps ensure better absorption and utilisation by your body.

49,95 лв.

AquaSource Digestive Enzymes - 60 Caps


Vital support for better assimilation of food and nutrition

Derived from vegetable sources, this unique mixture of digestive enzymes (Amylase, Protease, Lipase, Lactase and Papain) helps support efficient breakdown of food and nutrients. For even more support, it is enriched with Lithothamnion Red Algae and AquaSource Organic Algae Superfood* to help maximise effectiveness.

59,00 лв.

AquaSource Acidophilus 50 Caps


Superior probiotic with the added benefits of Lithothamnion Red Algae and AquaSource Organic Algae Superfood*

Our unique Acidophilus strain helps promote a healthy gastrointestinal system and maintain an essential balance of intestinal flora, to maintain good digestion and improve the absorption of nutrients from foods.

Lithothamnion Red Algae and AquaSource Organic Algae Superfood* are added to provide a wide range of nutrients, including antioxidants, betacarotene and chlorophyll.

44,00 лв.

AquaSource Bifidus Complex - 50 Caps


Three strains of Bifidus probiotic combined with Lithothamnion Red Algae and AquaSource Organic Algae Superfood*

Our Bifidus Complex helps promote a healthy gastrointestinal system by combining three helpful strains of Bifidus probiotic (Breve, Infantis, Longum) with Lithothamnion Red Algae and AquaSource Organic Algae Superfood*.

Bifidus Complex is often combined with our own Acidophilus and Digestive Enzymes to help maximise good digestive health.

52,00 лв.

AquaSource Turmeric Complex - 60 Caps

Specially formulated to help support sore muscles and joints

AquaSource Turmeric Complex is to help support muscular or joint discomfort for anyone regardless of age. It can be used by athletes and others with physically active lifestyles to help support muscles and joints to recover more quickly from exertion.

80,45 лв.

AquaSource Flexibility - 60 Caps

Towards Optimal Joint Health with the Synergy of Eight Natural Ingredients

Glucosamine and Collagen Type II are popular joint health supplements. AquaSource Flexibility contains a unique combination of high-grade Collagen Type II and Vegan Glucosamine, plus six other natural ingredients delivered in a True-filled capsule.

78,60 лв.

AquaSource AloeFresh 70 Caps

Наличен в промоция – Закупувате 3 броя, получавате един брой ПОДАРЪК: Вижте промоцията
Specially improved with double the Aloe Vera content, Psyllium has been increased by 20% and now available in veggie capsules.

AquaSource AloeFresh is specially designed for helping the inner cleansing of the large intestines and lower digestive tract. It does not harm the useful bacteria and helps maintain natural flora.

AquaSource AloeFresh supports efficient digestion, the fast elimination of waste and the cleansing of intestines. It can be used by anyone, every day or just as needed.

AquaSource AloeFresh contains only natural-source ingredients.

55,00 лв.

AquaSource Liver Cleanse 60 Caps

Supports vital liver function gently, efficiently and safely

Your liver performs over 500 different functions in the body. It is the gateway to many different chemical and metabolic functions in the body. It filters waste products as well as receives nutrient rich blood. Modern lifestyles can stress proper liver function. Help protect your liver with this unique formula.

AquaSource Liver Cleanse is a complete cleansing formula using well- known, safe and very effective ingredients in one easy to swallow capsule.

93,50 лв.