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AquaSource Lighten-Up! - 200g Vanilla

AquaSource Lighten-Up! - 200g Vanilla

Наличен в промоция – При закупуването на промоционален пакет, който съдържа 2 броя Мака Енергия - 150 ml и 1 брой AquaSource Мака Енергия Шоколад - 150 ml, ще получите и 1 брой AquaSource Лайтън-Ъп! - 200g ПОДАРЪК.

Nutritional meal replacement with Organic Pea Isolate, Alpha Lipoic Acid & Siberian Ginseng

Try Lighten-Up! n excellent daily meal replacement that is packed full of Vitamin C, Chromium, and many other herbs and nutrients. Our Nutritional meal replacement powder provides efficient, balanced nutrition to help maintain health and energy while engaged in almost any weight management programme.

Also, containing AquaSource Organic Algae Superfood*, it is a nutrition powerhouse that is hard to beat!

104,00 лв.