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AquaSource Moon Balance - 60 Caps

Наличен в промоция – При закупуването на промоционален пакет, който съдържа 1 брой AquaSource Колаген Плюс - 60 капсули, 1 брой AquaSource Муун Баланс - 60 капсули и 1 брой AquaSource Остео-Форте - 60 капсули, ще получите и 1 брой AquaSource Комплекс Течно злато Витамин D3 - 50 ml ПОДАРЪК. Вижте промоцията
Helps support a woman’s well-being during the menopausal time of her life

The unique combination of herbs and nutrients in AquaSource Moon Balance has been optimised to help maintain well-being and vitality when hormone levels fluctuate at a certain age.

Digestive enzymes have also been added to aid maximum absorption. Also added is our own Organic AquaSource Algae Superfood* for additional support.

79,00 лв.