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AquaSource Fatty Acid Complex - 50ml

Наличен в промоция - При закупуването на промоционален пакет, който съдържа 3 броя AquaSource Комплекс Мастни киселини - 50 ml, ще получите още 1 брой AquaSource Комплекс Мастни киселини - 50 ml ПОДАРЪК. Вижте промоцията
Mixed oil blend provides high quality essentials

Polyunsaturated fatty acids are essential for maintaining a healthy heart, joints, skin and many other body functions, including good metabolism. Modern lifestyle doesn’t always permit you to get what you need through food alone.

Our Fatty Acid Complex is a great way to ensure you are receiving proper fatty acid nutrition. Over 98% of the ingredients are organically grown.

50,00 лв.